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Four Ways to Save Big on Your European Holiday

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With well over 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites spread across the continent, according to UNESCO, Europe is one of the most exciting places to visit for first time travelers and worldly explorers alike. Whether it’s Stonehenge in the United Kingdom’s Wiltshire area or Norway’s Vega Archipelago, some of the most beautiful, unique, and important sites in the world lay in the different nations of Europe.

It’s no wonder, then, that millions of people choose to take European vacations every year. France alone, according to USA Today, pulls in a whopping 78 million tourists each year. London, one of the most popular European holiday destinations, attracts over 30 million annually, according to Visit London.

Wherever you’re thinking of going on your European holiday, finding ways to cut costs is the most important thing you can do. Whether you’re shaving £50 a night off your room in London’s Victoria-area hotels or you’re saving €4 on a baguette and glass of wine in Paris, cutting costs in one area means doing more in others. Here are four easy ways to save while on your European holiday.

How to Cut Costs on Your European Holiday

  1. Travel Agencies
  2. As BankRate writes, travel agencies remain one of the most reliable ways to save on the best hotels in Europe. In fact, having an active AAA membership can frequently net you a 10% discount on your stays across the world.

  3. Buy a Universal Train Pass
  4. If you’re planning on hopping from the United Kingdom to France to Norway, then it’s in your best interest to buy a universal rail pass. According to Eurail, buying a single country pass costs around $50 and only lasts a short time. A global pass, giving you access to 24 European countries, lasts for weeks and costs around $400, meaning you save money and have more time to spend in each part of Europe.

  5. Don’t Trust Your Computer
  6. As National Geographic points out, every time you visit a travel website, the site will install a cookie onto your computer, alerting the site on each subsequent visit that you’ve been there before. Subsequently, the site will continue to raise its prices, hoping to push you into booking your arrangements quickly. Be sure to clear your browser cookies to find the best prices on hotel accommodations.

  7. Don’t Exchange Money at the Airport
  8. As Smarter Travel writes, exchanging your currency for local currency at the airport is the single best way to lose money on your European holiday. Instead, withdraw cash from local ATM’s, and you’ll find the best conversion rates anywhere.

If you’re planning on taking a European holiday, then make sure you keep these four tips in mind. Doing so could be the difference between spending a wonderful day in London’s Natural History Museum and eating cup noodles in a local hostel. Get more here:

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