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Team Flight Clubs Offer Many Benefits

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Did you know that only an estimated 5% of the population of the world has even been on an airplane? Pretty astounding considering the popularity of air travel. So, while the majority of the world has never been on a plane, there are many people who love to fly, and in fact like to fly their own planes.
Team flight clubs or aviation clubs are increasing in popularity among fliers. There are many benefits, other than just the joy of flying that these team flight clubs offer. For instance, one main benefit is that a flight club can enjoy lower flight insurance rates because of group discounts.
Team flight clubs often offer flying lessons for beginners, so that people who have always had the desire to take to the skies can start learning the ins and outs of flying a plan. These clubs have fliers from all levels of experience, so team flight clubs can offer a great atmosphere and forum for sharing experiences and information.
Some team flight clubs offer private plane rentals, allowing pilots without their own planes to fly high in their choice of rental aircraft. This offers the benefit of allowing pilots to fly anywhere throughout the country. Many of these clubs also offer airplane hanger rental services to those pilots who own their own planes. This can be very beneficial for pilots who are traveling far from their home airports.
Many team flight clubs are expanding throughout the country. Often, you can find these team flight clubs with a base in a major city and affiliates throughout the country. Through memberships in these clubs, you can enjoy all of the benefits no matter where you may be flying.
Team flight clubs are also a great way to get together with others who share the same passion. Imagine getting to talk to others who understand the thrill and excitement of flying around the country?
If you are an avid pilot, you should definitely check to see if there is a team flight club in your area. You can start enjoying all the benefits and excitement of a club that shares your passion for flying.

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