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Cape Coral Florida is a Vacation Paradise!

Florida summer break rentals

Florida, which means “feast of flowers” in Spanish, is known as the Sunshine State because of its top notch weather all year round. This is one reason that seasonal rentals are so popular there. The top travel destinations in Florida are Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Naples and St. Petersburg, according to USA Today. However, some of Florida’s most beautiful seasonal rentals are located in Cape Coral. There is no better place to enjoy your holiday than in Cape Coral Florida vacation homes.

Are you looking for a Southwest Florida vacation home? Sporting 7 gulf courses out of the 1,000 total in the state of Florida, Cape Coral is known for its Florida gulf access vacation rentals. Thus, if you love to putt, Cape Coral is the perfect place to find seasonal rentals for your vacation pleasure. If, on the other hand, you enjoy communing with nature, you can take advantage of Cape Coral’s 30 recreational parks where gorgeous flora and fauna are in abundance, particularly between October and February, the most comfortable months weather-wise. As well, Cape Coral is a cultural mecca. The city is home to a Historical Museum, an Art Studio, the Cape Coral Art League, and the Cultural Park Theater, all of which can be enjoyed while taking advantage of the finest seasonal rentals Florida has to offer.

The real estate market and the economy at large are in the swing of recovery. These days, there are numerous seasonal rentals available in Cape Coral, FL. These seasonal rentals include waterfront vacation rentals on some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. Out of the 663 miles of beach land located in Florida, Cape Coral is known for some of the loveliest ocean front property. The seasonal rentals Cape Coral Florida has to offer come in many sizes and offer a number of luxurious amenities, for example, in-ground pools, central air conditioning, open floor plans, skylights, tennis courts, and professional landscaping. If you are seeking out seasonal rentals in Florida, put Cape Coral at the top of your list!

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