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Scratched Sunglasses? Get Polarized Replacement Lenses

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Wearing sunglasses is about more than just making a fashion statement. They are a favorite summertime accessory, but what sunglasses really do for us, especially if the lenses are polarized, is protect us from the UV rays that can damage our eyes.
In the U.S., someone breaks, loses, or sits on their sunglasses every 14 seconds. Probably the most delicate parts of a pair of sunglasses are the lenses. If yours become scratched or broken, rather than tossing them in the trash and buying a new pair, there is a way to fix scratched sunglass lenses. You can now opt for sunglass lens replacement.
You will want polarized lenses for your sunglasses since they are protective, but when you do choose replacement sunglass lenses, know that polarized lenses must be replaced with the same type of material. This special type of material only lets light through that will not damage the eyes, so having these type of replacement sunglass lenses is a really easy way to protect your eyes while keeping your vision clear. Furthermore, polarized replacement lenses are also anti-reflective, which maximizes clarity.
If you are not sure if the lenses in your sunglasses are polarized, first look through both pairs at the same time. When you rotate one pair 90 degrees, if the lenses are polarized you should see a clear blocking of light.
Replacing scratched sunglass lenses can save your favorite pair from the trash, but getting polarized replacement sunglass lenses can save your comfort and your vision.
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