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Your daughter had three goals as she was looking for college. First, she wanted to find a school that had a really good record of getting their graduates into occupational therapy or other allied health schools. Check. Second, she wanted to fins a school that would allow her to keep competing gymnastics. Check. Third, she wanted to find all of this at a college that would reward her good grades, high test scores, and top ten class rank, with a great scholarship. In fact, she wanted to see how close scholarships could get her to an undergraduate for free. Check!
Unbelievable, right? Your daughter actually found a full ride tuition, room and board academic scholarship to a Division III gymnastics school. Only problem? The school is 12 hours away! That’s right 12 hours. A distance just long enough that it is barely drivable on a quick three day weekend. And if only you or your wife can go, the distance is too great to safely travel with only one driver.
With only four airlines flying to the small town in Louisiana, it is difficult to find flight times that are available more than once or twice a day. So the full paid scholarship is great, it’s just that traveling to the parent’s weekend, team intersquad meets and home competitions is nearly impossible. Luckily, a friend at work told you about available charter plane services that provide more flexibility. The money you have saved in your daughter’s college expenses allow you to take advantage of the private jet charters that can fly you nonstop to your destination.
Charter plane services are a smaller, lesser known portion of the airline industry that 8 million people fly every day. Charter jet services have the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in America. This number represents more than 100 times the amount of commercial airports in the country, meaning air charter provides a safe mode of transportation. with convenient access to many destinations.
Nationwide, more than 2,100 air charter operators offer services in the U.S. These charter operators are required to hold an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Operations Specifications. This certificates contain company names, authorizations and limitations, and are available to their customers.
Charter plane services may be the travel solution for unique transportation needs. While they may not be the least expensive, private jet charter companies give the best value for your money. They provide a flexible schedule and the opportunity to skip slow and crowded airports, while providing VIP customer service, privacy and the comfort.

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