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Can You Afford a Charter Plane Service?

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Time is money, and money is time. Even though some of your best friends may not realize the value in every minute of their day, that doesn’t stop you from understanding the importance of money well spent, especially if it saves you the time you need to close the biggest deals.
While many of your friends and former business partners still fly commercial airlines, you realized many years ago the value of charter plane services. Although the investment you make to have a pilot and a plane on standby when you need it is substantial, the profits you see when you can close two or three big deals within the same day outweighed the initial investment.
Across the country more than 2,100 air charter operators provide service. These operators who own the charter plane services are required to hold an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). They must also maintain thorough flight records, as well as Operations Specifications. These records contain company names, their authorizations and their limitations.
Private charter jets and aircraft charter services fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use American airports. Interestingly enough, these public use airports make up more than 100 times that of the commercial airline airports. These air charter services provide convenient, and often private, access to many destinations. Additionally, charter jet services are a safe method of transportation.
Flying commercial flights often requires lengthy advance notice in order to get the most reasonable rates. If you are a business person who often has to make last minute flight decisions, doesn’t it make sense to invest your air travel funds in a private charter service that can allow you to skip the long lines at commercial airports?
In addition to the convenience of charter plane services, this method of transportation also allows for more time on task during the flight itself. Studies show that charter plane passengers are able to devote more of their time to work-related tasks than if they were on commercial flights. in fact, those responding to the survey rated themselves as 20% more productive while flying then they are when they are in the office. Similar business people on commercial flights, however, rate themselves as much as 40% less productive during flight time. Not surprisingly, the lack of productivity on commercial flights is a result of crowded seating and onboard interruptions on commercial flights. Chartering a private plane, in contrast, allows passengers to be much more in control of their time and their energies.
If time is money then the money that is invested in charter plane services will return benefits in more productivity and the opportunity to close additional business deals instead of standing in long commercial airport lines.

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