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A Bus or Limo For You

Ground based transportation is common for everyday Americans, ranging from their own personal cars to rented or public means such as trains, taxis, airport shuttles, limousines, and more. In fact, some Americans do not even own a vehicle themselves and take public transport everywhere. Many brands and companies today offer limousines and buses and shuttles of all sizes for guests, and a BWI shuttle service is just one such example. Someone may take a BWI shuttle service or similar brand to an airport or sports stadium, and this may prove highly convenient. Airport shuttle services may be contacted and hired when a person buys their plane tickets, and many other passengers make good use of buses for other trips, too. How might this work?

Taking a Bus

Airports are common reason why someone might hire a BWI shuttle service or something similar for their transport needs. While the plane will carry the person to their actual destination and back, going to and from the airport is a trip in itself. If a person cannot secure a friend or family member who will drive them there, then they may turn to BWI shuttle services owned by that airport to get them there. Once a person has bought their plane tickets and knows when they will need to be at the airport, they may use that schedule as a reference when renting a BWI shuttle service. After all, it may be highly impractical to drive oneself to the airport, park their car there, then leave it there for weeks while on an extended trip. Rather, plane passengers tend to be dropped off and picked back up, and shuttle buses are typical for this. Such shuttle buses are fairly small, but will have enough room for several passengers and all of their luggage as well. A passenger who returns on their flight may take such a shuttle to get back home again.

Something similar may be done for a sports stadium, since some sports games tend to draw very large crowds and this may strain parking spaces and the roads nearby. Rather, a number of shuttle buses will carry full loads of passengers to and from the sports stadium and pre-arranged bus stops. This is helpful for game attendees who can’t easily drive themselves or find good parking spaces. What is more, this can take a lot of cars off the road and clear up a lot of room, not to mention eliminate all the pollution from those cars. Buses have their own emissions, but they tend to be fuel efficient and emit far less than the combined cars that they replace on the roads.

On a smaller scale, this may be done for a house of worship. A local church, synagogue, or mosque may have one or more small buses or large vans to its name, and offer them as transport for attendees who can’t easily drive themselves or find someone to take them there. Many attendees at modern houses of worship are elderly, and these Americans may appreciate their local church or synagogue providing a small bus that arrives at their residence to pick them up.


A related field is limousine rental. These elongated, luxurious cars are often associated with celebrities or politicians, but they can in fact be rented by ordinary Americans as well, and for a fair price. Most limousines are provided by one of the many small limousine rental companies found across the United States, who may have a few vehicles each in their fleets. An interested patron may rent a limousine for travel to a wedding, for example, or to a charity event or even to high school prom (students may have their parents handle the paperwork for them). Before committing to a rental, a customer may choose to visit the company’s premises and look over the vehicles in person, to ensure that there are no unwelcome messes inside or damage to the car. The client may also check the driver’s credentials, and ensure that a desired limo indeed has enough seating for everyone in the party who wants to ride in it. If everything checks out, the client may rent the limo and have it arrive at their residence at the appointed time.

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