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Long known for its trade of cloves and raffia, the East African archipelago of Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous off-shoot of Tanzania, is experiencing something of a tourist boom. Whereas before, when Zanzibar was considered to be only a world renowned spice producer, now more than 165,000 people head to the area every year, according to the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors. What is it that is bringing international tourists to stay in the holiday resorts of what The Guardian called “an island of magic” in ever larger droves?

  1. It Could Be the Amazing Weather
  2. For many, a getaway to Zanzibar is all about taking a break at the area’s famed beach resorts. According to, Zanzibar’s average temperature ranges from around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, in the cold season, to 82 degrees, in the warm season. With radiant beaches that benefit from the Indian Ocean’s gentle breeze, the luxury resorts of Zanzibar offer some of the most beautiful, most temperate shores in the world.

  3. Is It the Food?
  4. Like all areas made up of islands, the cuisine of Zanzibar features delicious seafood in many of its most famous dishes. As Gadling writes, Zanzibari food includes spicy tuna skewers, garlicky shrimp, crab claws the size of your fists, and more. Needless to say, seafood lovers rejoice when they see what’s on Zanzibar’s menus.

  5. Unique History and Culture
  6. For many, the beaches and food are just icing on the cake. It’s Zanzibar’s history that makes it worth coming a long way to stay in its holiday resorts. As the travel site Siyabona Africa suggests, the Sultan’s Palace, Zanzibar Museum, and the Arab Fort draw in fans of history just as the beaches draw in fans of relaxation.

  7. A Chance to See African Wildlife
  8. Because of its unique geographic location, Zanzibar can offer its visitors the ability to see many rare and beautiful animals not found in the wild elsewhere. The Nungwi Natural Aquarium, found at the northern most tip of the archipelago, gives tourists and locals alike the chance to see hawksbill turtles in their natural habitat. As Zanzibar Travel, a travel agency, points out, the nearby Tarangire National Park and other natural preserves protect elephants and other locally treasured species.

  9. Something for Fans of Ghost Stories
  10. Zanzibar offers a truly unique attraction to its vacation resorts’ guests. As The Guardian writes, the fishing village of Kizimkazi, located on the southern tip of Zanzibar, offers ghost tours led by local witch-doctors; all of this accented by oftentimes foggy shorelines and eerie animal calls all around. While it’s true that ghost tours are not unique, this East African version, offered up by local Zanzibar hotels, is something not found anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a truly unique place to escape to, then consider the holiday resorts on Zanzibar. Whether you like to be scared, pampered, educated, or wowed, there is truly something for you on this gem of East Africa. Great references here.

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