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How To Have an Awesome Time Camping During the Winter

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When your family is one that just loves vacationing in the great outdoors, there’s no need to stop the adventures just because it’s cold out! Autumn camping and wintertime family camping can be great ways to get outside and enjoy the weather while taking in all of the winter activities possible.

Here are some basic tips for your next wintertime family camping trip to help you make the most of your camping vacation:

  • If you typically camp in a tent outside, consider staying in a camp resort trailer or in a camping lodge. These facilities typically come with all of the amenities that you’ll need in the cold winter weather (like heat and running water), and without making it feel like you’re staying in a hotel.
  • Dressing in layers is key for camping and doing activities during the winter. You’ll want breathable layers underneath your normal clothes so that your sweat doesn’t stick and make you cold, and you’ll want thicker layers of outerwear to keep out the cold temperatures, snow, and wind. Plus, if a layer happens to get wet, you’ll want to be able to take it off so that you don’t get cold.
  • If you’re camping in a big group or you’re taking a family trip and you split up for activities, make sure you have a predetermined way of getting in touch with each other/meeting up. Relying on your cellphone for communication isn’t always a good idea because reliable reception isn’t guaranteed, and you’ll want to take immediate action if you think that anyone in your group has encountered a problem outside.

Between skiing and hiking, s’mores outside and steaming cups of cocoa inside, you’ll find that winter camping trips are filled with tons of fun activities for the whole family!

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