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The In’s and Out’s of Vacations

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One of the most popular activities in the United States is traveling and going on vacation. People love vacations so much that many workers will try to leverage in vacation time when looking for a job. Some people enjoy going on romantic getaways, some like luxury family holidays and others like to embark on a fun adventure with friends. No matter the reason, a large number of Americans will embark on at least one vacation this year and as result here are some facts about luxury family holidays.

All vacations will have one thing in common no matter how different they are in nature. Whether you are going on a wine tour, a wedding villas, small luxury hotels, or the best honeymoon spots you need to make sure you cover some of your bases. Know what you want out of your trip, where you want to go, and the rest will follow. Here are some facts about luxury family holidays and other types of vacations.

The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study gathered information to show that 20% of all weddings are destination weddings. In this same study, a survey was conducted about revealed that 48% of all people involved said that having a reception venue with scenic backdrop or locale was their top priority. This is some important information to know and understands if you are planning a destination wedding but may not apply to any luxury family holidays you are planning.

If you want to plan a romantic getaway, it will be much different as opposed to planning luxury family holidays. If you want to go on wine tours then know that Tuscany produced nearly 3 million hectoliters of wine in the year of 2015. According to’s 2016 ?Traveler?s Sweet Spot? survey, 38% of men and 34% of women said romantic getaways were the best vacations. Italy is the top producer of wine in the whole world. In 2015, 17.43% of all wine came from Italy.

Planning luxury family holidays can be the most difficult vacation to plan for especially if you have children. 37% of families say that vacations make them happy, making it the activity that makes families most happy. Also, understand that 60% of all millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material things. According to TripBarometer, the five most common things travelers are willing to spend more on Sightseeing (53%), special dining experiences (41%), accommodation (41%), activities (35%), and shopping (24%). Travelers between the ages of 15 and 29 accounted for about 23% of international travelers in 2015.

In conclusion planning for a vacation can be quite difficult no matter what kind of vacation you are picking. Luxury family holidays will require planning for more people than just yourself or you and your partner. It is important to make sure you look up successful and great destinations. According to a recent AAA study, 70% of family travelers are planning to take one or two vacations in 2017. Plan accordingly and cover all of your bases and you will have successful luxury family holidays

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