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Bus Companies Offer a Better Way to Travel

Bus companies are part of a thriving business that offers a much needed service. Americans have always loved to travel and traveling within the country enables them to see a wide variety of locations, environments, and tourist attractions. However, place travel can be expensive and doesn’t allow travelers to enjoy everything there is to see between their starting and ending point.

Traveling by personal vehicle is always an option, but it limits the number of people who can go, and it can be uncomfortable and tiring for the driver. Buses allow travels to go great distances, enjoy the views, and make stops along the way.

Traveling by Motorcoach is also more environmentally friendly than traveling by car as it reduces the number of vehicles on the road subsequently reducing fuel needs and dangerous emissions. According to recent reports, Motorcoaches provide over 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel compared to 92 for commuter rail, 44 for airplane, and 27 for single vehicles. It has been shown that motorcoaches emit the least amount of carbon dioxide compared to other transportation options.

Motorcoach bus companies are also incredible popular as there are over 751,000,000 passenger trips recorded each year. These bus trips help small communities tremendously as they bring tourist and consumers into towns they would not otherwise visit. A single bus staying one night at a destination can bring upwards of $11,500 into that local economy between lodging, meals, shopping, and sightseeing.

Motorcoach bus companies also provide a thriving industry for small business owners as the industry is comprised of well over 3000 small businesses. These small businesses provide charter services, tours, sightseeing, shuttle services, and scheduled event services.

Recent reports suggest that for every $1 invested in new motorcoaches, $1.65 of spending is put back into the economy. There is over $1 billion spent on tours and traveling each year through bus companies and tours. Additionally, the motorcoach industry generates employment for an estimated 792,000 people making it a significant contributor to all areas of the economy.

According to another study, the use of buses for traveling has been increasing as more travelers are appreciating the ease and comfort of bus travel. Travelers are also turning more towards bus travel due to the consistently increasing price of fuel, which may make traveling by personal vehicle unaffordable.

Due to readily available terminals, bus companies are also more accessible than many other forms of travel. Surveys show that there are five times as many motorcoach terminals as airports and six times as many compared to intercity rail terminals.

Interestingly, over 50% of passengers traveling long-distances by bus are female. However, the benefits of bus travel are universal. All travelers can enjoy the benefits of going to new places and seeing the country without the discomfort of driving or the expense of air travel.

Buses can be rented for specific trips allowing destinations and duration to be customized. Schools, churches, and other organizations often utilize bus companies to organize group trips. For schools, chartering bus services is more feasible, comfortable, and efficient than utilizing school buses. it also provides an opportunity for the students and adults to talk, connect, and engage with each other.

For long distance school trips, motorcoach style buses are the only real option. The students and adults need to be able to relax or even sleep on the drive, so they can be refreshed and ready to go when they reach their destination. These types of trips are typically crammed with activities that start as soon as they arrive at their destination and get checked in.

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