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Looking to Get Away this Summer? Here are Some Popular Travel Destinations

There are tons of reasons to take vacations, especially during the summer. Some of the more common reasons are to get away or just experience a new place. And whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can be sure you’ll make some memories during your trip. So why not go big and find some cheap flights somewhere exotic this summer? Here are some of the top travel destinations you might want to visit.

New York is always one of the popular tourist destinations, whether you already live in the United States or not. Known as the city that never sleeps, there’s always something going on and you can find all sorts of things to explore while you’re there. There are lots of beautiful and historical places to visit on your trip including the Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building, Times Square, or the Statue of Liberty. There are also many cultural destinations including a variety of theaters and museums throughout the city. If you aren’t up for leaving the U.S. but you want to feel immersed in a new place, New York is definitely the place to go.

If you’re interested in flying internationally, Latin America is another popular option, especially with older generations. According to an AARP survey from 2016, approximately 40% of the baby boomer generation chose this to be their most desired international destination. One of these reasons could be because of the good exchange rate, as most people cite traveling on a budget as one of their largest drawbacks to international travel. And aside from the monetary reasons, Latin America is a country with an incredibly rich cultural history that you can easily experience. They have everything from wine tasting tours to visits with the local weaving collective. You can even climb the pyramids, tour the slums, or just enjoy the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janiero. Regardless of the reasons, South America has managed to garner some cheap flights recently so now is the time to go!

Another popular destination would include various parts of Europe. This large continent encompasses the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and Spain, among others, all of which are popular tourist visits for their respective landmarks and histories. Europe is also a popular backpacking country, with tourists choosing to stay in local hostels and walk or take public transport to nearby locations. This is said to increase the immersion experience as opposed to regular tourism. So you’re more than welcome to visit for a few days and see the sights, or you can stay for weeks at a time and travel as far as you want to go. It’s entirely up to you.

Even if you can’t make it to these destinations right now, it’s never too late to get out there and experience traveling to other countries! If you want to go to one of these places in the future, keep an eye out for cheap flights fluctuating at different times of the year. That way you’ll know exactly when to plan your trip to save you the most money while making lots of memories.

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