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The 3 Best Natural Odorless Hot Spring States in the US

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On every corner of the globe, human beings seek out natural hot springs to feel replenished. These heavily mineralized waters are so soothing, so rejuvenating, that many of them have played host to miracle workers, with magical healing properties associated with their waters.
If you live in the U.S. or are planning a vacation here, which states can you visit with natural odorless hot springs? First, a reminder: there are two kinds of hot springs. The first is created by geothermal activity deep underground, which creates water fully of minerals and electrolytes. The water is crystal clear and odorless. The second comes with a distinct bad egg smell, caused by bacterium in the water that release hydrogen sulfide.
Fortunately, the U.S. is home to a number of natural odorless hot springs. Here are the three best hot springs in the U.S. today:

1. Plan a Colorado Vacation and Visit the Famous Buena Vista Hot Springs

If you want to enjoy natural hot springs along with gorgeous mountain views, then the Colorado Rocky Mountains should be your destination. The town of Buena Vista (“Beautiful View” in Spanish) is located right in the middle of 10 mountains more than 10,000 feet high, with many places to stay, and convenient access to a variety of hot springs. Book bed and breakfast lodging for a romantic trip to the Buena Vista hot springs, or come in the winter with the whole family for a ski trip, then warm up with a dip in these warm mountain waters.

2. New Mexico’s Hot Springs

The geothermal springs in New Mexico town Truth or Consequences flows out of a rift more than 50 million years old, but humans have been traveling to this Southwestern state for just a century. There are tons of boutique and historic places to stay in the Hot Springs Bathhouse Historic and Commercial District. Plus, these New Mexico hot springs contain high amounts of natural chloride, which kills germs and ensures pure, clean water.

3. Best Coast: California’s Hot Springs

While the Lourdes mineral waters in France were attracting pilgrims, Americans flocked to California’s many natural desert hot springs. Located just outside of Palm Springs, where you’ll find plenty of chic, luxury hotels and places to stay, there are a number of natural odorless hot springs and spas to visit. Like the other items on this list, they’re odorless and mineral rich. Of course, they’re also located in a desert famous for 100 plus temperatures, and a state that happens to be in the midst of a historic drought, but still worth a visit if you live in Southern California.

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