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Planning a Group Vacation? Here Are 6 Tips for Finding a Great Oceanfront Condo Rental

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Are you planning a trip to the beach for your friends or family? The beach is a very popular destination for vacationers. Scientists say that the beach is relaxing and restful for the brain because it does not have to process as much data. There is nothing quite as relaxing as burying your feet in the sand and looking at the ocean. More and more people are looking for lodging than hotels. If you are looking for a great option for your trip to the beach, you should consider ocean condo rentals. They offer a lot more than a place to put your heads.

When you are looking at oceanfront condo rentals, the process is different from simply booking a room. Here are some tips to make sure you get what you want for a decent price.

  1. Decide what you want. You should set your budget and decide what amenities or features you have to have. Do you need to be right on the beach or can you live with being a few blocks away? The vacation rentals that are not right on the water are going to be cheaper but for some people, the extra cost is worth it to be right on the beach.
  2. Book at the right time. Are you going to the area for a special event? If this is a public event, you may not be the only group looking for oceanfront condo rentals so you will need to book early. The same can be true for taking your vacation at the peak of the season. If you are going during the off season, the calculus involved in finding vacation condo rentals changes a bit but you should still start looking when you know your group is set on a beach vacation. It is hard to be too early when looking at beach condos but it can easily be too late.
  3. Do your due diligence. Many people plan trips that are within driving distance from their home. If you are doing that and can take a drive to the area where you are planning your vacation, you can have a look at the different oceanfront condo rentals and know for sure what you are getting with the rental. If you cannot do that, you may want to go with a service that will be responsible if the unit is not what it is advertised to be. You can do some research into the actual property and see what other people have said about it.
  4. Look into the property’s owner. While you are looking up the specific condo you are considering renting, you should also do some research into the owner of the property. There may be some reviews of their properties that you can look at to make sure you are renting from a reputable person or company. You need to know that if something goes wrong or if the unit is completely different from what you thought it would be like that you have someone to call and help deal with the situation.
  5. Take the time to read all of the paperwork. Getting oceanfront condo rentals is a lot like renting an apartment. You need to know what is included in the price, will they expect more for certain amenities? Will they charge for utilities? What is the deposit? Is cleaning includes? Some places have that included and some expect the renters to clean up the unit when they leave. You have to know what will be expected of you before you sign anything.
  6. Do not send any money in advance without a contact. If you send a deposit for the beach rentals, use your credit card. You need to have a paper trail for any payments that you make. Many credit card companies offer protections for purchases made with the card but there are limitations. If you put a deposit down on a condo and when you get there, there are huge problems, you may be able to work through your credit card company if you have no other recourse.

If you do your due diligence and research, oceanfront condo rentals can be great for your next vacation.

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