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Motor Coaches Are a Convenient Way to Travel

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Many people choose limousine services for special events and other transportation needs. These may include trips to-and-from the airport, corporate travel, weddings, and other social outings with groups of friends, family or colleagues.

In the United States, approximately 400 million people ride in limousines on an annual basis. Motor coaches, however, account for 631 million passenger trips, including to Canada.

There are several reasons to choose motor coaches rather than limousines for special events and other types of easy travel purposes. Motor coaches can usually seat 52-to-56 people, and in some cases up to 80.

Limousines, depending on their size, will generally be able to seat 15-to-20 people. When you’re planning a special events bus tour with a large group of people, motor coaches may be a better choice.

Another benefit to motor coaches is that when they’re full, just one has the ability to remove 55 cars from the road. This makes a major impact with smooth traveling because there is less traffic on the road.

When you’re attending a special event out of town, riding in a motor coach can ensure that everyone in your party will arrive at the same time. Furthermore, you won’t have to rent several cars to accommodate everyone. If you’re in an unfamiliar area, this can also make a difference because you won’t get lost looking for your destination.

In addition to reducing the number of cars on the road for convenience, motor coaches are also more environmentally friendly in other ways. The average driver travels approximately 12,500 miles a year. If this individual traveled by motor coach instead, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 4.3 tons on an annual basis.

When compared to other types of vehicles, motor coaches also emit the least carbon dioxide for each passenger mile. They are also six times more energy and fuel-efficient than standard passenger cars. Motor coaches are also more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide for other means of transportation. They are three times more efficient than commuter rails and five times more efficient than transit buses.

When you’re planning a special events bus tour to explore a new city or for other travel transportation needs, you will discover that motor coaches provide reliable transportation. From a single or multi day bus tour to airport transportation, using charter buses is a convenient way to get to your destination.

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