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Classy And Cozy The Convenience Of A Limousine Service When You’re Traveling In A Group

Summer is here. It’s time to start packing your bags and getting started on that vacation.

When you visit a city for the first time it can be a little daunting figuring out where to go…and how. Do you buy a map and use it as you commute on local bus transportation services? Do you use a little more of your budget than you originally planned and try out one of the taxis? For people traveling in groups this is especially prudent, as you have a lot of people and preferences to juggle on top of your already busy schedule. A limo company can be just what the doctor ordered, providing a convenient transportation service designed to accommodate parties, families and couples with friends.

Even better? A limo company can easily supplement your airport service or sightseeing without a hitch.

The limousine rental is doing very well today. When you consider how often people are traveling for their next vacation, it’s not hard to see why convenient transportation is seeing a boost in sales. There are over 130,000 limousines in service across the country as we know it, with 2016 seeing an impressive total of 305,000 taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers and chauffeurs working around-the-clock. Choosing the right one means analyzing your situation a little better. Are you going on vacation with the family or are you going to a wedding?

In fact…why would a group of travelers choose an Atlanta limo over walking or hailing a taxi? It has a little something to do with the appeal of the classic limousine. Spacious and classy, transportation in a limo gives your group the ability to kick back, relax and enjoy the city at a more leisurely pace. You’re not restricted by schedule, people going to a wedding have more than enough room for their dresses…even those that just want to have a party can expect to have a safe driving experience after a few drinks.

Your limousine group transportation services are a welcome addition to just about any travel experience. It’s common for travelers in new areas to request a limo once they leave the airport, giving them a little extra room to breathe as they grow acclimated to their surroundings. Weekend limousine business for parties, proms and weddings account for nearly 40% of the total American limousine service. The limousine and town car services industry revenue also see an impressive $6 billion in revenue. When in doubt? Just look where the money is.

Learning how to use your local limo company to your advantage is key to using it right. Your average limousine or car service will charge for overtime in certain scenarios, which is anywhere between 50% to 100% added to your rate. The average limousine or car service will also charge $15 to $30 per stop. Not only will you enjoy a convenient form of transportation, you also have a way to make your dollar travel. The two main types of limousine operators are fleets and small companies. The former markets to corporate clientele, while the latter often does business with leisure clients.

When you want to travel in style, particularly if you’re being accompanied on your trip, you turn to your local limo company. Bus transportation services can be cramped and noisy, all the worse when tourist season is in full gear, and hailing a taxi can sometimes be a time-consuming affair. A limousine, on the other hand, arrives when you do and gives you the flexibility to relax, party or even conduct business at your leisure. You can even book your trips online. A recent study found over 85% of limousine companies owning websites, with over half of those providing convenient online bookings.

Take control of your travel experience. Enjoy the ease and comfort of a limousine service once you touch ground again.

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