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A Ride In Style Airport Limousine Services

A Ride In Style: Airport Limousine Services

Why an Airport Limousine Service is Better Than Uber

You order an Uber through the app and receive the confirmation on your driver’s vehicle, name and arrival time. Instead of five minutes, your driver arrives in twelve minutes apologizing for getting lost on the way. The car is too small, the windows aren’t tinted, and your driver doesn’t even bother to help with your bags. After being on a plane for hours, all you want is a comfortable ride home. You thought Uber could do that, but not this time.

The next time you travel, consider using an airport limousine service or a private car service. They won’t just give you a ride, they’ll give you an experience- and a good one at that. The limo company is booming despite those other means of transportation. In 2016, there were 305,100 taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers, and chauffeurs working. The Limousine and Town Car Services industry’s revenue is $6 billion with weekend limousine business accounting for about 40% of total limousine service. There are currently more than 130,000 limousines in service across the country that average about 105 trips per week. Company executives and tourist alike still use chauffeur and airport limousine services.

There are two main types of limo operators: fleets and small companies. Fleets typically market to corporate clientele and small companies do business with local leisure clients. Airport Limousine services can be provided by either fleet or small companies as well as special hourly rates and group transportation.

Perks of Airport Limousine Services

Unlike Uber, chauffeurs and airport limousine services have a special fleet of vehicles for you to choose from with professionally trained employees driving. This ensures you have a comfortable, safe and quick ride. Action Worldwide Chauffeur Services, a limousine service in Atlanta, GA, offers over 15 different luxury vehicles to choose from including standard limousines, Executive Buses and Coach buses, which makes them an ideal solution for lone travelers or group transportation.

Limousines service offer you more than just a ride, they offer professionalism, reliability, and familiarity. You get an experienced driver, who is professionally trained and familiar with their city. Additionally, you get a clean and reliable vehicle. More than 85% of limousine companies have a website with more than half allowing customers to make online reservations where you can choose from hourly service, point-to-point, or airport trips.

In some case, airport limousine services can save you money when you consider the cost of a car rental, parking fees, and gas. The average limo or car service charges between $15 and $30 per stop. Rides can be arranged to and from the airport and, in some cases, hourly services may be provided. You could take an Uber and roll the dice on the car, person and service, or consider a chauffeur or airport limousine service that will get you where you need to go quickly, comfortably and in style.

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