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3 Reasons to Invest in In-Flight Entertainment

In flight entertainment systems

While arriving at a vacation destination used to be the pinnacle of luxury, these days, the act of traveling itself is more luxurious than it ever was before. Every day, more than 8 million people hop on a plane in order to get to a far-off destination and with that, the ever-expanding airline industry has been actively seeking ways to keep customers happy, entertained, and (most importantly) loyal to their airlines.
From innovative aircraft display systems to cell phone charging ports, an ever-increasing number of airlines are investing in top-of-the-line, cutting edge IFE systems. And considering the state of the air travel industry, this is a wise decision. In the United States, the daily amount of direct spending by travelers averages ar $2.5 billion a day, $10.58 billion an hour, and $1.8 billion a minute! With those numbers, it’s clear that airlines need to reinvest the money into their airlines’ products and services.
Still looking for more? Here are 3 reasons your airline should continue to upgrade its flight system:

Get a leg up on the competition With many airlines making a lot of money by investing in entertainment and airline display systems, you can’t afford not to also. In fact, 25% of survey participants say that they would choose one airline over another if one of them had WiFi. Additionally, 41% of those survey takers said that they watch movies while flying. So if you don’t have inflight entertainment systems, it’s likely that you’re already losing customers.

A strong return on investment While it might seem like getting these airplane display systems are expensive, they are products and services that will ultimately pay for themselves. The bigger piece of the aircraft display pie you can grab, the more ROI you will receive.

Luxury Above all, these systems will establish your airline as one of luxury. And at the end of the day, what could customers want more?

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