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Planning Your Summer Vacation to Myrtle Beach

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Summer is coming quickly, and along with warmer temperatures, that often means summer vacations. Summer is a common time for people to utilize their vacation time from work, in an attempt to enjoy the higher temperatures and sunnier days. What is a great vacation option that is perfect for enjoying the sun and relaxing on the beach? Myrtle Beach is a great destination location that offers many summer outdoor activities and great weather. In fact, Myrtle Beach is a common and popular summer vacation destination for couples, families and individuals.

45% of Americans take a summer vacation. Many people even save all of their vacation time for the summer time, to take longer vacations by the beach or the ocean. There are many things to consider when planning a summer vacation to ensure that the trip is easy and relaxing. Accommodation is perhaps one of the most important aspects of planning a summer vacation trip. There is a big difference between spending a summer beach vacation miles from the beach compared to spending it directly on or across the street from the beach. Many vacation rentals provide both options to travelers, offering a variety of financial options. However, beach condo rentals provide all of the benefits that traditional condo rentals offers, expect that are on the beach for ease and great views.

The most popular destinations for summer trips are to the beach (45%), cities (42%), national parks (21%), lakes (17%), and resorts at (14%). With beach trips being the most popular type of summer trip that is planned, it is important that travelers book their travel plans early. Vacation condo rentals will book up quickly, and travelers may be left with far away condo rentals or unable to rent any Myrtle Beach oceanfront rentals. They may also not have much say in the price, bedroom or amenities that are involved if they wait too long for booking.

Although hotels are an option in contrast to vacation condo rentals, Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos seem to be preferred amongst travelers. Today, more leisure travelers than ever (24%) have stayed in a vacation home rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort during the next two years, and 46% are interested in staying in a condominium resort. The ability to rent beach condos gives people more freedom than hotel rooms do. They offer additional amenities such as bigger bedrooms, kitchens and sometimes even garages. These are especially popular for those traveling with families or for longer extended periods of time. Vacation condo rentals also generally offer better views of the beach and the ocean, with hotels only offering half of their rooms with these views.

Summer is approaching quickly, and people are beginning to plan out their summer vacations. A popular and well liked type of summer vacation is that of beach vacations and beach rentals. Myrtle Beach is a popular destination that books up rather quickly, requiring travelers to plan their trips early, ensuring that they receive the best condo rental available. Myrtle Beach also tends to be one of the travel destinations that people prefer to stay in vacation condo rentals over that of hotel rooms.

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