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5 Things to Ask About Before Hiring a Charter Bus

Chartered bus

Traveling by bus has many benefits whether you are talking about city buses, charter buses, coach buses or others. However, if you’ve never hired a charter bus before, you may be at a bit of a loss.

Whether you’re planning a simple day trip or a multi-day tour, here are five tips to help you plan a safe, fun, and affordable vacation.

Ask About Insurance

Any reputable chartered bus service should be able to present you with insurance information and certificates. Not only that, but the drivers should all be insured and have the proper documentation and licenses to operate a coach bus.

Proof of Inspection

Before hiring any kind of charter buses for a tour group or vacation, make sure that all of the vehicles in the company’s service have passed inspection within the last 12 months. This will not only serve as proof of credibility, it will serve as proof of dedication to safety.

Ask About Drivers

Most chartered bus services will have certain limitations on how long a driver can operate the bus for and how many drivers should accompany a group. It’s important for you to understand these rules to ensure the safety not just of your group, but of the drivers, as well.

Ask How Price is Determined

Not all chartered bus services have the same system of payment. Some may charge based on hours traveled, while others may charge based on miles traveled. Regardless, make sure you’re fully aware of how you’ll be charged.

Ask About Bus Amenities

Not all buses come with the same amenities. For example, some buses may come equipped with wifi and stereo systems, while others may be a basic package for tour groups. Before hiring a bus for the price, ask to see what kind of amenities each bus offers, and then choose the one most appropriate for your group.

Hiring a charter bus is not only a great way to explore inter-city travel, it’s one of the most efficient. Taking day trips with groups of friends can be an exciting experience, and with these tips, you should be on your way to road trip fun in no time.

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