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Camping is one of this country’s biggest passions, particularly, of course, in the summer months, but those who enjoy warmer weather year round will often head out on the weekends as well. And of course, for those blessed with varied seasons, many prefer the colorful fall for their camping adventure, and there even those brave souls who attempt the camping outing bundled up against the cold of winter. Whatever the season and however you choose to camp, there are amazing experiences to be had.

Family camping vacations to various locations
For those setting out for their camping trip with the family, there are multiple things to consider. Will everyone be entertained tent camping at lakeside campgrounds, or is everyone more likely to have fun or relax if you were to head to fancier camp resorts instead? Can you get away with packing all the food you plan on eating for the entirety of the adventure, or would it be wiser to camp close to stores or markets or even restaurants just in case? Some families are more likely to have a great time when they are truly out in nature together, completely unplugged and finding things to do like hiking or swimming. Others on family camping trips need a bit more structure and more options, like perhaps facilities that provide zip lines and climbing walls and ropes courses. Perhaps your family camping vacations just wouldn’t be complete without the ability to rent boats and fishing equipment so that you can cook your catches over a cozy campfire. Family camping vacations can vary vastly from one family to another, but the key is to find what fits best for yours, and stick to it. If you are not the type of family that does well off the beaten path, then do not try to force it, or you could end up with tents full of unhappy campers.

How family camping vacations can bring you all together
In today’s connected, digital, technology-dependent world, it can be difficult to convince all of your family members that a camping trip is the best way to spend your vacation. But if you can convince everyone to take a big step back to see the bigger picture that they may not be able to see with their noses in their mobile devices, you might just talk them into having a bit of unplugged, real life fun! There are plenty of games that you can play or make up or alter when all you have are willing people and the great outdoors. And who doesn’t love some quality time around a warm, roaring fire, whether it is on the edge of a secluded lake or next to your camping neighbors at a public campground.

The popularity of camping
For about 47% of camping adults who responded to one survey, the act of camping itself was the main reason that they set out for their outdoor adventure. Of course, it’s always great if there are other activities available or accessible, but many people tie all of those opportunities for adventure into the main idea of camping. About 87% of campers take part in many different types of outdoor games, sports, and activities. And a solid 99% of people said in a survey that they were very possibly going to be going camping again next year, indicating that interest in the great outdoors is not going to be waning any time very soon, even in the face of growing technological advances. People often relate camping to early memories of setting out with their families and learning a great deal about the world around them.

Yes, it is increasingly easy to hop online and look up the answer to what you are wondering about. But the popularity of camping, and the passion that so many people continue to have for adventuring in the great outdoors, shows that no matter how accessible the digital world is, there are still wondrous opportunities to learn, grow, explore, and adventure out in nature, where we were meant to learn about so much. The world can be at our fingertips through the incredible advancements of technology. But it can also be at our fingertips when we get out in it.

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