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What to Know Before You Pack Up For Your Next Camping Trip

South dakota camping

What will you and your family do for fun this summer vacation? About 11 million families decide to spend a portion of it camping each year. If you have never been camping before, don’t worry. As long as you understand there are three key parts to a great trip, you’ll be fine.

Where to Stay: Plan the Site According to Your Degree of Comfort In “Roughing It.”

Not all campsites are equal in terms of proximity, beautiful views, and convenient bathroom arrangements. While getting in the car and driving until you find a site may seem romantic and adventurous, it is far better to do the research beforehand and be prepared. For some, a campsite is only adequate when it includes a nearby bathroom and community showers. Others are not content unless they cannot even hear their fellow campers at the campsite. It is up to your preferences.

Some family campsites are too uncomfortable for some first timers. For example, campgrounds in South Dakota may have beautiful views, but a greater degree of convenience is desired. So perhaps a stay in Sioux Falls cabins is more up your alley. Once you and your family decide on either a campground or cabins, it’s time to think about entertainment.

How Will You Pass the Time? Planning Activities Is a Necessary Step.

On a camping trip, whether in a tent or lovely Sioux Falls cabins, most people go hiking. While a nature walk is a simple and enjoyable activity, it’s not practical to think that the family will be hiking from sun up to sun down. So what can you do, besides pack a couple of board games and a deck of cards?

This is when your earlier research into campsites pays off. Many sites actually offer other perks when people stay at their campgrounds. This may be proximity to a lake with the option to take out paddle boats, or even swimming pools. Other sites may not have a nearby lake, but they might offer volleyball courts, basketball, or even mini golfing.

What’s For Dinner? Have an Answer Before Everyone Gets Hungry.

Even if you and the family are staying in a secluded Sioux Falls cabins with modern amenities, you’ll need to plan a couple of easy meals. This is one step where many people are less than thorough, and the result is some lackluster lunches and dinners. Just make a menu with simple, easy to prepare dishes for each day of camping. That menu can be easily turned into a checklist when you pack. Don’t forget cooking dishes and utensils!

Summer vacations are really short. The number of times you’ll be able to take your kids camping when they’re young is even shorter. Don’t let the idea of “roughing it” for a few days dissuade you from spending some extended time outside this summer. Just do a little research, plan a few activities, and remember to pack a few hearty meals.

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