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Taking a Cross-Country Trip? Travel by Charter Buss

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Charter buses provide scheduled services and also take people on sightseeing tours, to the airport, and to work. Families can rent party buses for reunions and other celebratory events such as birthdays, destination weddings, and anniversaries.

The American Bus Association’s study reported that bus travel has become even more popular. Between 2011 to 2012, for example, ridership increased by 7.5%. This signifies that traveling by bus is the fastest growing means of travel for people in the United States.

The Motorcoach Industry and Increased Access to Transportation

Charter buses make approximately 751 million passenger trips every year. During some years, more people actually travel by charter bus than commercial airline. Since there are more motorcoach terminals throughout the country than there are airports and intercity rail terminals, this provides an increased access to transportation.

This is particularly the case for rural Americans. There are over 14 million residents that live in remote areas when motorcoaches are their only means of publication intercity transportation service. Since commercial airlines and railways don’t travel to these areas, this enables them to have a reliable means of transportation.

The Motorcoach Industry and Federal Transportation Subsidies

Federal transportation subsidies, which of course include taxpayer dollars, also cost less than motorcoaches. When considering the cost of other transportation methods, motorcoach travel actually reduces these costs:

  • Motorcoaches: $.06 in federal subsidies per passenger trip
  • Public transit: $.77 in federal subsidies per passenger trip
  • Commercial air carriers: $4.32 in federal subsidies per passenger trip
  • Amtrak: $46.06 in federal subsidies per passenger trip

The Motorcoach Industry and Fuel Efficiency

When choosing to travel by charter buses, Americans are also making an impact on the fuel economy. When considering other means of travel, motorcoaches can transport more passengers, which results in reduced fuel usage:

  • Motorcoaches: 206.6 passenger miles per gallon
  • Commuter rail: 92.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Hybrid cars: 46 passenger miles per gallon
  • Domestic airplanes: 44.0 passenger miles per gallon
  • Transit buses: 31.4 passenger miles per gallon
  • Single-occupant vehicles: 27.2 passenger miles per gallon
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    The Motorcoach Industry and Contributions to Local and National Economies

    Over $55 billion is generated every year as a result of people choosing to travel by motorcoach. Furthermore, almost 800,000 people are employed due to this industry’s existence. In addition to the demand for goods and services, this also includes workers engaged in motorcoach and equipment sales.

    When tourists rent a charter bus, they are contributing to the local economies when they visit or stay the night. While it does depend on the location, the duration of their stay, and other factors, this can amount to $11,660.00 or more in revenue. Lodging, meals, and other activities, such as shopping, all contribute to these economies.

    The Motorcoach Industry and Environmental Benefits

    Since motorcoaches are more efficient at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, they are an environmentally-conscious means of travel. They emit the least amount of CO2 than any other type of transportation per passenger mile. Furthermore, they are actually 3 times more efficient than commuter rails, and 6 times more so than transit buses.

    When a motorcoach is a full-capacity, it potentially removes 55 vehicles from highways, roads, and other thoroughfares. This reduces congestion, cuts down on energy usage, and reduces emissions.

    Given the many benefits of traveling by motorcoach, it’s important to add that this is also a comfortable means of travels. These vehicles are climate controlled, having reclining seats, more leg room, mobile conference rooms, and free Wifi.

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