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4 Things to Know About Vacation Property in Hawaii

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One of the best things about America is the great state of Hawaii. It’s a tropical island paradise that is easily accessible to Americans without needing any kind of special visa or passport. It’s also a great place to find Big Island homes for rent long term, to get beach vacation rentals, or to look for Kohala real estate. Don’t know much about real estate in Hawaii? If you ever thought to buy land in Hawaii, read on to learn more:

  • Hawaii is the perfect place to have a family vacation. Let’s just get that out there right away. One of the biggest benefits of looking for Big Island homes for rent long term is that you’ll have a place to vacation where there’s something for everyone. Whether your family loves history, water sports, sunbathing, fishing, or nearly anything else you can think of, you’ll find it in Hawaii. That’s why in 2014 more than eight million people came to the Hawaiian islands for a visit. Lots of families enjoy vacation: 37% say it makes them happy, which makes taking a vacation the number one activity for making families happy.
  • Hawaii is home to a lot of off-island owners. This means that you’re not alone in your hunt and that Hawaii real estate owners and agents are well aware of how to help you. A recent report showed that more than 32% of Hawaiian property taxes are paid by property owners living off the island. The rate of ownership for homes in the state itself was 55% in 2011.
  • Know what kind of prices you’re looking at in Big Island homes for rent long term or sale. Some people prefer to buy, while others prefer to rent for the long term. In 2017 the average price per square foot for Honolulu homes was $548. Meanwhile, the average price for a night in a vacation rental or home rental in Hawaii in 2015 was $170. The cost of a hotel in Hawaii per night during that time was $244.
  • Know just a little bit about your options. Hawaii is comprised of quite a few islands. Each has its pros and cons, and each is beautiful. When people refer to something like “Big Island homes for rent long term,” they’re talking about the island of Hawaii itself. There is also property available on other islands, like Kohala, Maui, and Waikoloa.

Hawaii is a magnificent place, home to gorgeous beaches, whale watching, plenty of history, spectacular scenery, volcanoes, waterfalls, and 11 of the world’s 13 climate zones in one state. It’s the perfect place for a family vacation that your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. Why not look into rental property or homes for sale in this magnificent state and start planning the vacation of your dreams.

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