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The Benefits To Using a Limo Service

When you have a need for reliable limo services, it is important that you get service from a reliable and reputable company. Using the best limo app and websites can make the entire process of finding, scheduling, and paying for a limo much simpler and easier. Whether you need a regular stretch limo or something more custom and unique, the right limo transportation company can help you get exactly what you are looking for.

While it is important to find the best price limo service provider, you will also want to be sure you consider services, amenities, and customization options as well. A cookie-cutter service package might not be the best option for your needs so be sure to consider what you are paying for and what the end results will be.

Use your smartphone to make searching easy and tell it to “find the best limos near me” and then check to see what pricing and service packages they offer. Securing the best price limousine service for your special event can be a challenge at times, but it is well worth the effort to arrive in style when the big day arrives!

There are a lot of people in the United States that truly overlook how helpful and safe using a limo service is when transporting people to and from big events. This can include proms, weddings, and other huge events where people are consuming alcohol. Contact a limo service if you need to get people safely home from a large event.

Two of the three top concerns for those working in the chauffeured transportation industry involve insurance rates at 65% and transportation regulations at 56% So this just goes to show that people truly value and love using a limo service for their friends and family. Plus, understand that limo drivers take about 150 trips every week. Here are all of the facts on limo services, limo rentals, and more!

Using A Limo Service Can Save Lives

In the year of 2005 alone, just about 376 teens died as a result of an alcohol-related car crash on their prom night. While some parents may not want to believe it, a large portion of teenagers consumes alcohol at a young age. So when it comes to prom night and other instances where they drink, make sure that they are willing to contact you for a safe ride home. But on prom night specifically, get a limo service to help them!

Just about 53% of students drink more than 4 drinks on prom night. If you are not comfortable transporting your children and their friends on prom night then get limousine services to help them get around. That way, you can rest assured and relax knowing that your child is safe on their big night.

Every day, about 2,800 people are arrested for driving drunk. What is scary about this stat is that people drive drunk more than 330,000 times every day in the United States. This type of success with drunk driving can lead to someone repeating this type of behavior. Now, keep in mind that more than 40% of 10th graders drinks alcoholic beverages. so do not let your child begin driving drunk at a young age because it can be a disaster in the long run.

Limousine Car Services Are Quite Reliable

On average, 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States each year. A wedding is a large event where a large portion of the guests are drinking. So if you want to get your friends, families, and loved ones to and from their destination, then hire a limousine service to help them out!

In 2015, there were 8,305 limo drivers in the United States. This is because there is a high demand for this type of work that can help people arrive safely at home after a long night of drinking. It is important to know that weddings, parties, and proms on weekends account for more than 40% of all limousine service.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are weddings and large events in which people will drink a lot of alcohol. These can include wedding events and prom night as well. Make sure you set up some transportation for these people so that they can be as safe as possible.

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