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How to Turn Your Passion of Camping into a Business

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Camping is your passion. You grew up going on numerous camping trips with your family. You now share those same camping memories with your family. How can you take your passion of camping and turn it into a career? Campgrounds are a business, just like any other type of business. They require effective planning, marketing, and business practices. Yet, if you enjoy the outdoors and the sport of camping, it can be highly rewarding. If you are considering turning your love of camping into a full time career, consider the following planning steps.

Understand the financials
Regardless of the type of business that you begin, you will need starting capital. You will need money for purchasing or leasing the land. You will also need money for building campsites or cabins. You will even need money to pay for employee?s wages, at least until you can turn a profit. In most cases, you will have to develop a business plan and then present it in front of a bank to obtain a loan. If the bank believes in your business, or you have good numbers, you are likely to receive a loan.

Plan the camping site
Most campgrounds differ. You will want to plan every aspect of your campground, including how large it will be, what attractions will be features, and the type of living quarters you will provide. You will also want to plan other amenities and a main house. Your specific campground amenities and features are what will bring guests back to the campsite. Ensure that you are meeting the needs of your potential guests.

Establish a marketing plan
Marketing is an important aspect of developing brand awareness. There are a variety of ways to market your new campground business. Camping websites are very effective in today?s technological times. Most families turn to the internet when they are planning a vacation, even a camping one. It is important to include all needed information, as well as contact information on your campground website.

A 2008 study found that the majority of consumers (86%) use the web to find local businesses to buy from offline. The same goes for looking for campsites to plan a vacation at. However, it is also likely that customers will look at a couple of different campsite websites before making their decision. If you do not effectively answer all of their questions, you may lose their business. Your website should clearly define the type of campground it is, including bed and breakfast websites, RV campgrounds, and tented campground websites.

Target surrounding area of campsite
Although you will want to eventually gain the attention of guests from all over the country, it is important to first grow your surrounding business. These are the customers that live local and are likely to return more frequently. Approximately 30% of mobile searches are related to a specific location. If you focus first, on your surrounding customers of the campsite, you can establish a nice guest base, before moving your marketing efforts outwards.

Offer guests an unforgettable experience
A great and memorable experience is what will encourage guests to return. In most cases, you only have one chance to gain a guest?s loyalty. To do this, you will want to pay high attention to customer service within your campground. Additionally, your current guest?s recommendations and referrals will be an important part in growing your business. Between 80 and 90% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase. A similar number also checks reviews before staying in a hotel or campsite.

Camping, if planned properly, can be turned into a successful business. Campgrounds are in the business of providing guests and families with a memorable camping experience. If you have always dreamed of running your own campsite, be sure that you are ready for business ownership. You will have to achieve many of the same tasks that you would if you were to open a traditional type of business. You will need a loan, a marketing plan, and the ability to satisfy and encourage return guests.

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